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    Redfort Special Chicken
Diced Chicken cooked with mild ground herbs, yogurt sauce garnished with almonds and fresh coriander. Exceptionally Smooth and very mild
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    Shahi Amere Murgh
Chicken cooked with mango pulp, mild spices and fresh cream. (Mild)
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    Chicken Tikka Massalam
Boneless chicken grilled on skewers, cooked in very tasty, Fairly mild tandoori sauce
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Chicken Tikka Dhall Massala
Boneless chicken roasted in a clay oven, cooked with lentils and Tandoori sauce.
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    Chicken Passanda
Chicken cooked with cream and herbs very mild curry
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Butter Chicken
Barbecued diced chicken cooked in buttery sauce with almonds
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    Sag Chicken
Steam cooked chicken with fresh spinach leaves, chopped garlic and herbs (medium)
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    Special Tikka Jalfrezie
Chicken tikka cooked with fresh green chilli and fresh coriander, garnished with a touch of ginger. Fairly hot and spicy.
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    Nawabi Murgh
Marinated chicken slices stir fried with peppers, onions and tomatoes in thick sauce garnished with coriander. (Medium)
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Chicken Nentara
Spring chicken steam cooked in peeled tomato, green pepper and fresh coriander, sauce, garnished with spring onions. Medium-Hot-Spicy
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Murgh Shahjani
Delicious combination of chicken tikka and spinach, with fennel, corinader and chillies. (Fairly Hot)
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Green Herb Chicken
Finely chopped chicken with fresh green chilli and coriander leaves. Hot and spicy to taste.
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Hara Massala Chicken
A very popular dish, barbecued chicken cooked in peeled tomato, green pepper and coriander with aromatic sauce. (Medium)
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Ginger Murgh
Barbecued chicken tikka cooked with ginger, tomatoes and strong mixed spices to give a delicious medium hot flavour (Medium)
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Green Bengal Chicken
Tender pieces of chicken in a spicy sauce cooked with green peppers, fresh coriander, garnished with spring onion and fresh ginger.
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Chicken Chasni Chana
Chicken cooked with mango chutney and chick peas green chilli coriander leaves, spicy dish.
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
    Balti Chicken
Charcoal roasted, cooked in a medium strength sauce with chef's own specials recipe.
 7.75  ORDER NOW 
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